No cold feet for the wedding day? Bridesmaids Slippers?

All the brides wanted just to be comfortable for the wedding day, so do the bridesmaids. Hey, are you preparing your wedding day? Or you are helping your bestie or sister?

Bridesmaids are as important as the wedding cake, or the wedding venue, the decorations, the bands, the choices of variant foods and drinks and so on. It is one of the important list for every bride to be. To make it more special walking the aisle with the Bridesmaids, the brides will prepare ‘ THE BRIDESMAIDS GIFT BOXES’.

The Bridesmaids Gift Boxes will contain a few things that the bride feels right for her bridesmaids which usually are her closest friends, sisters, cousins, etc. Bridesmaids Slippers will be on the playlist.

There is something about investing a pair of luxurious feeling with the Bridesmaids Slippers. Crafted in a soft fabric like shearling, cashmere, faux fur, silk, suede or even lace and velvet. White hue colour always become a safe and simple option, with personalized name and role in a gold or silver colour on it, or with any other colour that you feel like and match with the other things inside your Bridesmaids Gift boxes.

Why should we put the name on The Bridesmaids Slippers? There is a great sensation that the bridesmaids will feel when they see their name on it, and the sensation from the happiness on their feeling become a booster to create the mood for the morning on the wedding day. It’s a great start. It is also to prevent from confused between the bridesmaids in the midst of a morning make-up, hair do and gowns wearing.

What kind a type of Bridesmaids Slippers that you can give to your Bridesmaids??

First, you can decide the theme. Are you a modern bride or a classic one? Are you and your bridesmaids an artist? Or a dancer? A singer maybe? An office carrier women? The sporty one? Or you all just a simple chic kind a women.

After that it is easier for you to search where to buy or customize it, or even if you want to make it feel more special then you can make it by your ownself. You just need to buy the ready slippers and give your own personal touch.

Second, you want to pick the foldable and lightweighted one. Why?? The Bridesmaids can use it for their item on The Bridal Surviving Kit, which it needs to be easy to carry around. Wearing the heels a whole day will make the feets feel very sore, so the Bridesmaids Slippers can be an emergency footwear. It is also very useful for the bride itself.

The Bridesmaids Slippers can create some memories too. Some of the bridesmaids taking it home with them and wear it after the wedding day, on their daily life. When they are seeing it on their feet, it give them smile on their face remembering all the happening on your wedding day. See, this simple thing creates beauty in some people’s life.

Well, have you got an idea yet for you Bridesmaids Slippers? No cold feet for the wedding day for you and your bridesmaids, thanks to the slippers.



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