How Much To Spend On Bridesmaid Gifts?

Friendships that last a lifetime are extremely valuable. Being a bridesmaid or groomsman, on the other hand, is a different story. Bachelor/bachelorette parties, suits, dresses, showers, and other wedding-related expenses can run into the hundreds of dollars. The amount of time, money, and effort spent into a wedding by the wedding party pales in contrast to what the bride and groom are responsible for. How much should a couple anticipate to spend on bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts after putting down large deposits on the venue, florist, and caterer?

So the real question is, how much should you spend?

It varies, but the price point should be in line with the entire wedding budget. A simple token of gratitude should be enough if you are having a small backyard get-together with 50 of your closest friends and relatives. Consider the additional price your wedding party is spending to be a part of your special day if you’re having a five-star destination wedding, and thank them with a generous gift. Most brides spend between $50 and $200 on bridesmaid gifts for each attendant as a rule of thumb. However, there are instances in where the couple allocates a budget worth $1500, or even up to $3000.

Calculate how much you believe your bridesmaids will cost to be a part of your wedding on a sheet of paper. $75 to $150 is a good general rule of thumb because it comes close to 10% of the average bridesmaid cost, which is what we propose as your budget. Rather than utilizing a broad range that is unrelated to your bridesmaids’ spending, multiply the total cost you determine for your bridesmaids’ spending by 10%. This will provide you with a far more precise budget objective.

When choosing a bridesmaid present, keep in mind whether or not your wedding will involve travel. Make sure you’re spending more, because they had to spend more to participate in the celebrations. If you’re paying for your bridesmaids’ hair and cosmetics — which isn’t needed but is a great gesture — the cost can be used to a portion of their gift. I recommend giving a present since it’s good to have something tactile, but it can be more cheap now that you’ve covered a large expense on their behalf.

Be generous, but don’t go overboard.

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