How Many Bridesmaids Can You Have?

Wedding Day could be one of the biggest occasions in our life. Most of us wish for a one-lifetime wedding day that could be memorable for the last long time. As if for that, a lot of details should be prepared. Some details could be easy work to do, but many others could tend to nerve until stress both bride and groom.

Wedding Preparation:
The wedding day needs for the lovey dovey couple could be vary, depending on their budget, how big the event will be held, how many guests will be invited and many more.
Starting with the engagement, family meeting, choosing the right date & wedding venue, catering for the food & beverage, the wedding ring, deciding total guests & relatives who would be invited, wedding invitation design, wedding dress & suit, the bridal, make-up artist & hair do, pre-wedding photo, wedding day photo & documentation, wedding souvenirs and so on.
Stress and conflicts are often appeared during the wedding preparation for the couple. Especially when the couple wish and concept must counter the family tradition or the parents wished or simply, the reality to match their budget.

The Bridesmaid:
To ease all the unhandled details, the bride often needs her bridesmaid to assist and lend her hands for help. Choosing the headpieces, body treatments, wedding shoes, perfect wedding dress, bride’s nail art, make-up and hair do, perfume, hand bouquet and any other girl-thing before the day, would be more fun and easier for the bride with her bridesmaid. Being the person who can make the bride-to-be calmer, relax and reducing her anxiety during the pre-wedding period is the early task of bridesmaid.

The bridesmaid is often coming from the closest relative of the bride. Such as sister, cousin, close friend or her best friend. The person who can calm the bride and help her a lot during the pre-wedding until the event ended. Bridesmaids are often the persons who arrange for the bridal shower and bachelorette party for the bride-to-be as well.
During the wedding day, bridesmaid cannot just sit and relax. They are the busy bee! They should make sure the bride appearance perfect from head to toe, including the make-up and hair do, helping the bride to wear her wedding dress, and make sure the bride will not get starving during the event are their duties.

Bridesmaid is also must be able to maintain the bride’s mood to make sure she’s not to overreacting or crying too much during the day. Bridesmaid must pay attention with the bride’s make-up is stand still and must to remind her to touch up if needed. Accompanying the Flower Girl before they walk down the aisle and make sure the wedding rings are ready is part of their tasks too.

There is no certain rule for the right amount of bridesmaid in one wedding day. Bridesmaid total could be depends on the couple’s budget and how big the wedding event itself. For the intimate wedding could have 2 or 3 bridesmaid, private wedding party may could have 6 until 8 persons as bridesmaid. But somehow, for the big wedding party, the bride could have until 15 bridesmaid or more! The bride-to-be doesn’t need to force herself to spend more cash for having the bridesmaid and preparing for their dress & accessories that they might never wear again.

Wedding day indeed the one of most special day in human’s life. Once in a lifetime day. The groom and bride must be the most special couple of the day. They should prepare the day in precise and exact choice with budget spending wisely. Because the couple should prepare their real life not on the wedding day only, but the days right after with their full responsibility.

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